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The short, short version- We meet The Woman, Irene Adler, in her only appearance in canon.

In a nutshell, it's a classic blackmail story. I *do* like that Adler isn't just a damsel in distress, and is able to match wits with Holmes and Watson.

The king's a bit of a goof.

Next up, The Red-Headed League. I'm going to try writing the review closer to my finishing of the story. I think they'll be longer as a result.
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A Study in Scarlet, the short, short version:

Introduces the characters nicely, then diverts into a scathing, stereotyped anti-Mormon tirade. I'm given to believe that this was a typical view of LDS church at the time.

The Sign of Four:

We meet Mary Morstan, who is both the damsel in distress and Watson's eventual fiancee. Because I've watched Sherlock, I know that they end up married. Because I've read more *about* the Holmes canon than I've actually read of the canon itself, I know she's Watson's first of two or three wives. I'm curious to see if she turns up again, or if she gets reset-buttoned away, and we only hear of her again after her passing. Also unlike the recent BBC show, I doubt she's a professional assassin in the books.

We also meet Major Sholto, who is this story's plot device. In the show, he was Watson's CO, which is a nice nod to the books, IMO.

While we're here, we might as well discuss the blowgun-wielding elephant in the room: the racial and ethnic stereotyping is awful! I know the books are a product of their time, and these views, and the eugenic mindset behind them were seen as normal, but to a modern reader, they're going to get old fast.
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Watch this space for my next writing project that I'll be using to keep myself entertained: Capsule reviews of the Sherlock Holmes canon.

(I'm a fan of Holmes, but I've only read bits and pieces of the original works...)

How're all of you? is there still an "all of you?"
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A while back, I posted capsule reviews of some English-language foreign news channels. Here are two more:

RT English- Bloody awful! I'm impressed that I didn't actually see Vladimir Putin's lips move when the journalists were talking. What really did it for me was the little bumper they had in between programs that had sad memorial-type music and words to the effect of "We remember MH17." Do you now? You probably remember watching it crash after you shot a rocket up its tailpipe. Decent production values, but blatant propaganda.

Watch it? Gawd, no.

i24 news ( A privately run network out of Israel. Marked pro-Israel stance. If you're just watching the top of the hour headlines, it's okay. If you watch any of their programs, caveat emptor. I caught some gaps in their research, for one thing. (On a retrospective of the Boston Marathon bombing, they noted that Massachusetts hasn't executed a prisoner in decades, but totally missed the fact that Tsarnaev's trial was federal, not state.) Also, for a country full of Anglos, they really could have done a better job hiring English speaking staff. (eg, one anchor kept pronouncing the second "b" in "bombing." While I've heard many Israelis make this mistake, you'd think *someone* on their production staff would have clued her in.

Watch it? Meh. Like I said earlier: okay for headlines, keep an eye on their other programming. They're a relatively new network, so maybe they just need to find their feet.
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On a whim, I've been watching various international English-language news channels, just to see what's out there. Here's a capsule summary:

France24 (all news, based out of Paris)- Watchable, with about the slant that you'd expect it to have. Nice to have running as background noise while working.

Arirang Prime (news, culture, music, based out of South Korea). This one definitely feels like it's being run as a joint project of South Korea's tourism and propaganda ministries. The news program I watched had four stories that stood out: a) "Korean airline heiress goes to prison because she went nuts about nuts; b) "Gee, it sure is swell that we're trading partners with China;" c) "Vladimir Putin something something;" d) "Next up, a complete and total hatchet job on Japan."

Some advice, Arirang Prime: Your disturbingly clean cut K-Pop VJ doesn't actually have to say "Music video, cue!" before each song. It's like you stole an MTV VJ's script out of the trash, and are reading the stage directions as if they're dialogue.

On the plus side, "Chef's Foodcation" was a lot more watchable than I'd thought it would be.

Next up, RT and CCTV English. These should both be... interesting.
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I brought lowercase to Arisia today. I remembered how, back in 2006, I was probably the only guy wearing a Doctor Who-related costume. Today, I was one of a small mob, with costumes ranging from various incarnations of the Doctor, companions, monsters, people dressed as the TARDIS,

and my daughter, dressed as a Dalek. )
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Hi bloggies! I know it's been a while, so here's the list:

Baby, 2:41 this afternoon. Successful VBAC. Mom and baby doing great, new big sister still processing. Name forthcoming.

Me? About to keel over.


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Still alive.

A recent highlight-

On Friday, I enlisted Aliza's help in teaching RAB about the lunar eclipse.

RAB had one tennis ball that represented the earth, and another for the moon. We discussed how the moon went around the earth, and she obligingly moved one ball around the other. Aliza stood in witha third tennis ball as the sun, and we twirled Rena in a circle and had her go into "orbit."

Does she remember any of the details? No. Did she have a giggly fun time? Absolutely!


Aug. 27th, 2013 09:00 pm
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I'm in the middle of a rewatch of Stargate Atlantis, since I remembered the SG series as being a fun way to kill time. In the last episode I watched, Maj. Sheppard gets shot in the arm. While ducking for cover, he whips out an Israeli Trauma Bandage (sometimes referred to as an "Izzy"), and begins wrapping his arm.

This amused me, since [ profile] lizardling had written SGA fanfic with an Israeli character. Maybe she knew more than they were letting on...
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Long story short- We've bought a car, and have a parking space effective 9/1/13. However, we'll need a spot to tide us over until then. Anybody got a place we could keep our Camry when we're not using it?
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In a nutshell-

I'm fine, RAB is fine and at home with me, Aliza is fine and still at work. My brother Dani texted in and is okay as well. He's volunteering as an EMT at the marathon, and is somewhere behind the finish line.
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The electricity in our entire apartment runs through four 15-amp fuses. I just figured out that one of those fuses, (i.e. 25 percent of our unit's electricity) runs one outlet.


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Feb. 10th, 2013 07:33 pm
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I suddenly have a craving for a Waldorf salad.

(In other news, we just survived a massive blizzard. How are you?)

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RAB: Abba, what letters are on your shirt?

A:Looks down, sees that his shirt says "Sputnik," in Russian. Hoo, boy.

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Or possibly chemistry. Maybe both.

Last week, I found a completed but undeveloped disposable camera in my old dresser back at my folks' place. Based on markings on the camera, it's from the early nineties. Is there any chance it's developable?
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"The animals* went home with their baby brother, Ian.** They visited Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy*** and gave their dog**** a present."

*referring to the tub toys she was playing with at the time.

**A former daycare playmate

***Rena knows about Bingley and Darcy thanks to Little Miss Austen's Pride and Prejudice, a counting primer for small children. Bingley and Darcy are on the page for the number two, described as "Two Rich Gentlemen."

****In the book referenced above, Bingley and Darcy are posed with a dog.